Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Guest bloggers make a difference: Atkins MR IQ death penalty blog guest posts

The above graph represents new people who have visited the Intellectual Competence and Death Penalty blog over the past month.  Notice the various "spikes."  Most all of are directly related to guest blog posts by psychologists or legal professionals involved in Atkins IQ MR death penalty cases.  Today's spike (10-7-09) is directly related to the guest blog post by Dr. Dale Watson.  Thank you Dr. Watson.

If you are interested in issues related to this blog, and want an occasional  platform from which to express thoughtful, scholarly, and logical comments, and/or research synthesis, etc. regarding Atkins IQ MR death penalty cases, a guest post at this blog would be welcome...and, in turn, would provide you some good exposure.  Psychologists and legal professionals are both welcome.

If you are interested, contact me privately at:

The blogmaster.