Friday, October 30, 2009

Five Atkins court decisions posted today: Atkins "Decision Friday"

The on-line "what topics do you want covered" survey has revealed a number of reader preferences.  ICDP readers clearly want access to copies of Atkins MR IQ/Adaptive Behavior court decisions.  I've posted a good number in the Court Decisions section of the blog and have, whenever possible, made comments, critiques, raised questions, etc.  However, I've got a number of copies of decisions stacked up like airplanes at O'Hare airport during peak flying times.

To remedy this situation, today I'm posting PDF copies of all court decisions I have in my in-box without comment.  Readers can check them out now.  The following have been posted and are now included in the Court Decisions section of the blog.  As time permits I will make comments, etc. related to some of these decisions.

Also...a tip-of-the-hat to Kevin Foley (a regular guest blogger) and Karen Salekin (see Professional Experts blogroll) for providing copies of most of these files or directing me where to locate such files.

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