Friday, April 9, 2010

Spanish Woodcock-Johnson Battery III: Bateria III (BAT III) use in ID/MR assessmnet

As a coauthor of the WJ III/BAT III, I've been receiving increasing emails and phone calls for information describing the BAT III and its appropriateness for assessing intelligence in Atkins ID/MR cases.  I do have an obvious conflict of interest as a co-author, but I believe it is is one of the most psychometrically and theoretically sound measures of human intelligence for Spanish-speaking individuals where a Dx of ID/MR is in question.

To save everyone (including me) many e-mails and phone calls, I've decided to post everything I have (in e-form) regarding the BAT III.  In addition, I'm posting information re: the prior edition (BAT-R) as the procedures used to adapt, translate and norm (via US-equated norm procedures) are the same. 

Below are key documents.
I hope people find this information useful.  I will also soon post a comparison of the CHC content of the two batteries (CHC DNA Fingerprint Analysis comparison of BAT-R and BAT III).

Finally, although I have not updated it for over a year, given that the BAT-III is parallel to the WJ III, individuals may want to review available published and unpublished research on the WJ III (and to a lessor extent the BAT III).  This can be found at the WJ III EWOK (v3.0; Evolving Web of Knowledge) at IQs Corner blog.

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