Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Court Decisions: Williams v Thayer (TX, 2008, 2010) & Matamoros v Thayer (TX, 2010)

Two more Atkins decisions have been posted today to ICDP's Court Decisions blog roll.

A number of issues involved in the case of Williams versus Thayer (TX, 2008, 2010) has been discussed previously (with regard to the prior 2007 decision) by myself  and by Kevin Foley (guest blog post - "Judge Playing Psychologist"). This is clearly a case where there are a boatload of assessment related issues in the areas of an intelligence testing, academic achievement, and adaptive behavior (see two prior blog posts). The most recent 2010 decision denied Williams appeal.

The other is yet another Texas case that is posted "as is" (without comment or analysis).  Matamoros v Thayer (TX, 2010). I only briefly skimmed the ruling, but it appears to illustrate a quagmire of issues involved in ascertaining adaptive behavior functioning (prong two of MR/ID Dx), with the additional twist of the state of Texas' unique Briseno standard. Also, this case is complicated by the involvement of an expert for thie state whose methods of "adjusting scores "has been seriously questioned ("voodooo psychometrics") and challenged in the past (click here and here).

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