Monday, April 19, 2010

AAIDD June conference sessions relevant to ID/MR Dx and Atkins death penalty cases

A number of AAIDD conferences sessions/workshops related to ID/MR Dx and Atkins MR/ID Death Penalty cases.

Death Penalty Session - Wednesday June 9

Atkins v. Virginia : Challenges and Pitfalls in Diagnosing ID in a Forensic Context

Moderator:      Marc J. Tassé, The Ohio State University Nisonger Center

A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Post-Atkins Decisions by Juries and Judges
John H. Blume, Cornell Law School

Assessing Intellectual Functioning
Kevin S. McGrew, Institute for Applied Psychometrics

Assessing Adaptive Behavior in a Forensic Context
James R, Patton, University of Texas at Austin

Assessment of Malingering
Denis William Keyes, College Of Charleston

Retrospective Diagnosis
Sal Blandino, Licensed Psychologist

Closing Commentary
Stephen Greenspan, University of Colorado at Denve

Workshops--Friday June 11

Workshop #1:

Evaluations and Expert Testimony in Criminal Cases
James Ellis, UNM School of Law, University of NM
Disability professionals are increasingly called upon to provide evaluations and expert testimony in criminal cases, particularly in Atkins cases where the defendant's intellectual disability is at issue. Participating in these life-and-death proceedings can be a daunting prospect. This workshop will include explanation of the criminal law issues involved, diagnostic and classification issues under the new AAIDD (11th edition) manual, and practical suggestions from disability professionals who have participated in these cases.

Workshop #2

Understanding and Using the 11th Edition of Intellectual Disability: Definition, Classification, and Systems of Supports
Bob Schalock, PhD, Ruth Luckasson, JD, Wil Buntinx, PhD, Pat Craig, PhD, Alya Reeve, MD, Karrie Shogren, PhD, Marc Tasse, PhD, Jim Thompson, PhD
11th Edition Implementation Committee members will present and discuss in detail key issues in the field related to diagnosis, classification, and supports planning. As a basis for maximum interaction and problem solving, workshop participants will be required to bring or purchase a copy of the 11th edition of the Manual. The workshop format will involve presentations, interactions, and opportunities to problem solve.

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