Thursday, April 8, 2010

ICDP Atkins MR/ID public discussion listserv now operating

Given the success of the ICDP blog and the need expressed (by readers) for a mechanism to discuss issues in detail, the ICDP blog today announces the formation of the ATKINSMRDEATHPENALTY listserv.  This is a Yahoo Groups listserv that can be viewed and joined by clicking here.  Or, you can subscribe via the Yahoo dialogue button on the right side of the blog roll.  Below is a description of the goals, purposes and operating principles of the listserv. 

This public groups goal is to educate/inform psychologists, mental health professionals, lawyers and judges re: the science and best practices for identification of ID/MR (intellectual disability/mental retardation) in capital punishment cases (Atkins cases).  MR/ID assessment practices discussed should supported by standards of professional practice or authoritative sources.

This is NOT a forum for arguing the pros/cons of the death penalty or for advocates to take sides in individual cases.

When discussing prior rulings, members are to refrain from criticism's that mention the names of individuals who provided testimony or otherwise participated in the case. Members should refer to the "state's expert" or the "expert A for the defense". Individuals who violate this ESSENTIAL privacy requirement will be removed from the list.

The listserv is not the "ethical, legal, professional standard" monitor for member comments. Members are urged to recognize their professional, ethical, legal and contractual responsibilities before seeking advice, sharing insights, etc. re: active cases in which they are currently involved. Any statements made by individuals are made in their own capacity and should not be construed to represent the positions or opinions of any group or other individual associated with the listserv.  Moreover, the listserv is not a forum intended to be a source of legal, psychological, or other professional advice. Any individual needing or seeking advice should consult his or her own professional sources accordingly.

The group is unmoderated.  Moderation will begin if the above principles are violated. The listserv is linked with the Intellectual Competence and Death Penalty blog @  Members with lengthy comments should submit drafts to the ICDP blog (for a guest post) rather than submitting long posts to the listserv. They should be submitted to

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