Monday, November 9, 2009

What does the WAIS-IV measure? CHC analysis and beyond....IAP AP101 Report #2

I've posted a new IAP Applied Psychometrics 101 Report (#2:  What does the WAIS-IV measure?  CHC analysis and beyond) at ICDPs sister blog, IQs Corner.  The focus is on understanding what the structure of the WAIS-IV tests measure collectively.

I plan a follow-up report or brief for ICDP that will present additional analysis that will augment this first report.  This follow-up will be focused more on the interpretation of the WAIS-IV composite indexes, as I've learned that the reporting of IQ test data in Atkins cases only focuses on composite or full-scale scores...and not individual subtests.  This follow-up report or brief will be posted here at ICDP.

You can access the new report under the APPLIED PSYCHOMETRICS 101 (AP101) REPORTS section of this blog.

Stay tunned.

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