Tuesday, November 3, 2009

FYI. Juveniles, SCOTUS, and Roper Reasoning PLUS Law review article dealing with executing mentally incompetent

Two FYI (with no comment) tidbits.

Related to ICDP recent post on APA's Amicus briefs re: adolescent cognitive maturity and capital punishment, the ACS Blog has a guest post re: whether SCOTUS should apply the Roper Reasoning to juveniles life-without-parole cases.

The CrimProf Blog featured a law review article (link to article is with post) by Markel on Panetti, Retributive Theory, and the Eighth Amendment.  As briefly outlined at CrimProf:
Markel dan Dan Markel (Florida State University College of Law) has published a thoughtful and nuanced article in the Northwestern University Law Review, Executing Retributivism: Panetti and the Future of Eighth Amendment. He argues that the version of retributivism that led to the Court's limits on executing the mentally incompetent have far more extensive implications.

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