Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cornell University Law School Death Penalty project

As a result of my reading of recent law review articles, I discovered (may not be new to most of ICDP readers) the Cornell University Law School Death Penalty Project, directed by John Blume.  I've recently featured two law review articles by Blume et al. (click here and here)  This looks like an excellent resource to I shall.  I've just started poking around their links and must say that their is a wealth of useful information and links to other resources, many that I will add to the blogroll of ICDP.

As stated at the projects web page:
The Cornell Death Penalty Project is an undertaking of the Cornell Law School. The project sponsors several clinics that provide students with the opportunity to assist in the representation of capital defendants, both at trial and at various stages in the appeals process. The project also sponsors periodic symposia related to capital punishment and, in addition, conducts empirical research relating to the administration of capital punishment in the United States.

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