Monday, November 2, 2009

FYI: Capital punishment info---staying current via e-newsletters and/or RSS feeds

If you are trying to stay current on issues, commentary, decisions, etc. regarding capital punishment in general (not necessarily just Atkin's MR cases), I suggest two general strategies.

First, on the right side of this ICDP blog I've provided links to a number of "Relevant Blogs and Web Pages."  Most of these blogs provide RSS feeds which "push" their regular blog posts to whatever RSS reader service you use.  You can then decide to visit and read a post based on the title and brief summaries that most RSS services provide.

If you don't want to deal with RSS feeds, a number of these sites provide regular e-newsletters that come directly to your email in-box.  You can skim the e-newsletters and decide whether to click and read more....or simply delete.  The three most informative e-newsletters I've found are from:
To subscribe you would need to go to each blog home page and locate the box, link, button, etc. that allows one to subscribe to content via email or an e-newsletter.

Whenever I find a post or story from any of the blogs I monitor that is relevant to the ICDP blog, I try to make a brief FYI post and provide a direct link for my readers.  So....I do post information from these sources that I think is relevant and interesting, but you are at the mercy of what I "filter in and/or out" as newsworthy. 

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