Monday, November 9, 2009

8 Oklahoma Atkins MR death penalty decisions posted: Total n=36 now availble at ICDP

Eight State of Oklahoma Atkins MR death penalty decisions have just been posted to the "Court Decisions" section of the ICDP blog.  Another gracious tip-of-the-hat to Kevin Foley, a regular guest blogger at ICDP, for providing copies.  A total of n=36 decisions are now available for reading and research.

As mentioned in my prior Florida (n=12) post today, I obviously have not read these and don't have any psychometrically related comments at this time.  I've been overwhelmed  with professionals sending me copies of decisions and other material, so my current triage-based decision is to get the material others can have access.  With time I will be selectively reading and commenting (when I feel it appropriate) about psychometric issues in select cases. 

I just need to get the back load of files I've received posted and linked before I can dig into these myself.

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