Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Urgent: Florida may execute individual (Johnstone) with mental retardation (intellectual disability)

I just received the following "urgent" plea this morning.  I am at a convention and do not have the time to read the supporting documents that were attached.  The documents I recevied can be found by clicking here and here.  I can't provide any judgment or recommendation given the current time constraints.  So..this is a "pass along-as is" post.

Message received below

Florida is about to kill David Johnston March 9, who is found mentally retarded with an IQ of 61 by latest WAIS-IV tested and evaluated July 2009 and December 2009.

See attached filing to Florida Supreme Court.

Oral arguments is scheduled for March 4 at 9.00 AM in Florida Supreme Court.

The Orange circuit court (Judge Belvin Perry) has denied the motion without an evidentiary hearing and is using independent nonscientific arguments to close the case.

(He has been involved in other Florida denials on retardation and is trying to set a standard in FL that will kill more individuals with intellectual disabilities)

The defense lawyer is here :

D. Todd Doss
D. Todd Doss
725 Southeast Baya Drive
Suite 102
Lake City, FL 32024
386-755-9119 (office)
386-755-3181 (facsimile)

Please help secure that a mentally retarded man - David Johnston is not executed.

Best wishes
Sissel Egeland

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