Saturday, March 13, 2010

FYI: Atkins related news stories and updates

Some recent Atkins related news stories and updates.  Thanks to Kevin Foley for the info.
David Johnson (Fla) –title of report indicates the legislature stayed Johnson’s execution, while the body of the articles says it was the Fla Supreme Court. Obviously, it was the court, since they just heard argument the other day.

Rasheem Dubose – Jacksonville Fla.  Criminologist James Fox testified about Dubose’s IQ.  Is this testimony beyond the person's area of expertise?

Supreme Court refuses to hear (and thus will not overturn) lower court’s finding that Eric Lynn Moore was MR/ID. The 5th Circuit opinion is posted in the Court Decisions section of the ICDP blog. A prior guest post by Kevin Foley (The Courts Dropped the Ball) can be found here.

South Carolina- State will not appeal trial court finding that Edward Lee Elmore was MR/ID.

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