Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Atkins Court Decision: Guevara v Thaler (TX, 2008, 2010)

The most recent Atkins ID/MR Court Decisions (2-22-10) is Guevara v Thaler (TX, 2010-click here).  The original Habeas Corpus petions was in 2008 (click here). 

I've been asked by a couple of individuals who have read the psych report to explain why the IQ scores from two different instruments were different (60 vs 77).  The tests in question  provide a perfect opportunity (a "teachable moment") re: IQ score differences due to different abilities being measured by different instruments....and will allow me to demonstrate a new feature that I plan to further develop.  Stay tunned.  I am at a conference and the follow-up explanation of a possible reason (the reasons can be multiple) for the difference may not surface here for a few days...or not until I return home.

As a tease, the new feature will be a visual-graphic comparison of the differential CHC ability coverage by different IQ tests, via what I am calling the "IQ Test CHC DNA Fingerprints" of different intelligence batteries.

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