Saturday, March 6, 2010

iPost: Innocent on FL Death Row

This is a pass-a-long FYI post. I am traveling and have not checked out the links or any other background info. 

From: Father Mac <>
Date: March 6, 2010 8:41:21 AM CST
Subject: Innocent on FL Death Row

Paul William Scott 
Thanks much for your commitment to justice. My name is Fr. Ed McElduff and my "Son" is provably, truly innocent Paul William Scott, a 30+ years Florida Death Row lifer with a 69 IQ. I fear Gov. Crist is now setting a date for Paul's murder.
As you can imagine, we have to exhaust all life-saving avenues.  A brief summary of Paul's outrageously unjust plight follows below.
Peacefully Yours,
Fr. Ed McElduff
Dianne Skripek, Assistant
Justice for Provably Innocent Paul Scott Committee
(843) 603-6841
  • Eight of Paul's original jurors have sworn affidavits expressing outrage upon learning of the state's heinous deceitfulness throughout the trial. Sadly, they too are victims as they have been morally violated and manipulated. Read Juror Stoddard's summary of state offenses
  • Paul was sentenced to death by a 7-5 majority.
  • Paul is truly and provably innocent. Dr. Glenn Larkin, Forensic Pathologist, will explain these facts when we are able to obtain the needed hearing. Additionally, Bob Pauley of West Palm Beach, wrote an extremely thorough account of events entitled "Circle of Blood."  The challenge has been securing a lawyer who will take on the state, address the corruption and above all passionately relay the facts.  Several very prominent advocates have expressed their support of Paul and recognize this travesty. Details and documents may be found at 
  • Paul has been on Death Row for 30 years. DP proponents even concede the inhumanity of this.
  • Sister Helen Prejean, voicing support for Paul, stated:
     "Please raise your voice on Paul's behalf. Write letters, make phone calls, contribute financial help for legal + investigative resources. Let us join our efforts on behalf of an innocent man who has already suffered too much." 
Having spent many hours with Paul, I am inspired by his amazing graces of patience, faith, and acceptance. Ironically, Paul always ends up comforting me more than vice versa.
We've resigned ourselves to never affording better than an inferior advocate thus we seek to relay the facts of this one horrendous injustice.  Paul's letters detail a terribly infested judicial system and in good conscience we must make this known.