Thursday, September 24, 2009

Applied Psychometrics 101: How IQ tests are developed

This past summer I was asked to conduct an introductory level four hour course on the "art and science of test development" for an international psychological assessment conference in Brazil.  It was the first time in 25 years of clinical testing and applied cognitive/IQ/achievement test development that I had ever tried to put the basics of applied test development down in a presentation.  The end result was a series of modules (which are "works in progress") that can be viewed on-line via my sister blog, IQs Corner. 

You can access them by visiting the last post I made re: these PPT modules or go to the main IQs Corner home page and look for the Applied Test Development Series section on the left blog panel.

The goal of the modules is to educate laypersons, psychologists, and other professionals in  the basics of how intelligence (and achievement) tests are developed...kind of an "IQ test development for dummies" series.  It is hoped these materials will increase the sophistication of knowledge of people who use intelligence tests and/or are consumers of intelligence test results (e.g., physicians, lawyers, judges, etc).  The long-term goal will be to turn the PPT modules into either a series of Applied Psychometric 101 research reports or cobble them together in a grand single manuscript.

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