Thursday, September 10, 2009

Adaptive behavior: Use of the ABAS-II in adult forensic cases (Olley (2008)

I was given permission by Dr. Tom Oakland to post a PDF pre-publication version of chapter that was published in the following book covering one of the major adaptive behavior instruments used in the field of mental retardation/developmental disabilities (conflict of interest note - Dr. Oakland is a co-author of the ABAS-II).

Thank you Tom.

Olley, G. J. & Cox, A. W. (2008). Assessment of Adaptive Behavior in Adult Forensic Cases: The Use of the Adaptive Behavior Assessment System-II. In Oakland, T. and Harrison, P. (2008). Adaptive Behavior Assessment System-II: Clinical use and interpretation, Elsevier. A pre-pub copy of the chapter can be viewed by clicking here.

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