Thursday, June 27, 2013

REGISTRATION OPEN - Multi-Track Federal Criminal Defense Seminar, August 8-10, 2013, Buffalo, NY

Registration is now open to federal defender staff and CJA Panel attorneys for the FY 2013 Multi-Track Federal Criminal Defense Seminar being held August 8-10, 2013 in Buffalo, NY.  As with all of our training programs, there is no registration fee.  The program will begin Thursday morning, August 8th and end by mid-afternoon on Saturday, August 10th.  A limited amount of financial assistance is available to qualifying CJA panel attorneys to cover a portion of travel costs.  

The Multi-Track Seminar offers in-depth instruction in a variety of areas of federal criminal practice.  This year the tracks will be:

       Forensics, including, among other topics, an Overview of the Law Since the NAS Report; DNA for Dummies; Ballistics; Toolmark Evidence; Arson; Reading the Medical Examiner's Report; Eyewitness Identification; and Hair and Fiber Evidence.

       Mental Health and Mitigation, which will cover identifying, developing, and understanding mental health and mitigation, including relevant changes in "to-be published" DSM-5 that practitioners may encounter in their practice, and with an emphasis on the importance of  mental health symptoms and history, all of which are critical to the effective representation of clients throughout a case.

       Digital Age Litigation - What Do All the Advances Mean?  - which will focus on the digital aspects of federal criminal litigation, including GPS, pinging, Fouth Amendment issues, and electronically stored information.

       Fundamentals of a Federal Criminal Case, which is designed as an overview for new (and not so new) federal CJA practitioners; this program addresses topics that are essential to defending clients in federal criminal cases, including the basics of working up a federal criminal case, release issues, sentencing guidelines, and beyond.

A flyer about the program is attached.  For questions about the substance of the seminar, please contact Frank Draper at; for questions about logistics, please contact Jenna Shepard at

Karen Holsendorff

Meeting Manager