Thursday, September 15, 2011

Psychometric issues in Atkins MR/ID cases: The IAP AP101 report series

It is clear that many Atkins MR/ID death penalty decisions revolve around psychometric issues that many (but not all) attorneys, judges, and psychologists (who do assessments) are not well versed. Recurring issues in many cases are norm obsolescence (Flynn Effect), standard error of measurement (SEM), practice effects, full-scale vs component part scores, differences between IQs from different tests, to name but a few.

I always think that once I've posted an Applied Psychometrics 101 working paper, all who visit the ICDP blog will easily find the materials. But, I still receive regular phone calls and questions suggesting that my assumption is not correct.

Thus, the purpose of this post is to remind those looking for some information on some of the recurring psychometric issues that a series of reports are available for download. They are listed on the right side of the blogroll, as can bee seen in the image below.(double click on image to enlarge)

To make this info accessible again, I have created a link here that when clicked will provide the readers with all blog posts that reference the reports and provide report-specific links.

I have a couple of new reports "in limbo" and hope to find time in the near future to add more.

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