Thursday, August 11, 2011

Research briefs: Various death penalty/criminal justice related recent publications

Coen, M., & Heffernan, L. (2010). Juror Comprehension of Expert Evidence: A Reform Agenda. Criminal Law Review, (3), 195-211.

Crinion, C. (2010). Adducing the Good Character of Prosecution Witnesses. Criminal Law Review, (7), 570-573.

HungerfordWelch, P. (2010). Prosecution Interviews of Defence Witnesses. Criminal Law Review, (9), 690-701.

Kaufman, S. B. (2011). Citizenship and punishment: Situating death penalty jury sentencing. Punishment & Society International Journal of Penology, 13(3), 333-353.

Wu, Y. N., Sun, I. Y., & Wu, Z. X. (2011). Support for the death penalty: Chinese and American college students compared. Punishment & Society International Journal of Penology, 13(3), 354-376

Carson, D. (2011). Investigative Psychology and Law: Towards Collaboration by Focusing on Evidence and Inferential Reasoning. Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling, 8(1), 74-89

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