Saturday, August 20, 2011

Research briefs: Misc new articles relayed to criminal justice

Bewely, M. T., & Morgan, R. D. (2011). A National Survey of Mental Health Services Available to Offenders with Mental Illness: Who Is Doing What? Law and Human Behavior, 35(5), 351-363

Rogers, R., Gillard, N. D., Wooley, C. N., & Fiduccia, C. E. (2011). Decrements in Miranda Abilities: An Investigation of Situational Effects via a Mock-Crime Paradigm. Law and Human Behavior, 35(5), 392-401.

Smith, A. E., & Haney, C. (2011). Getting to the Point: Attempting to Improve Juror Comprehension of Capital Penalty Phase Instructions. Law and Human Behavior, 35(5), 339-350

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