Thursday, February 18, 2010

I shall return: ICDP blog status

Regular readers of the ICDP blog may have noticed a dip in posting this past week or so.  I've needed to curtail my posting (not for a lack of material---I've been sent plenty by many--a splendor of riches) as I "rigged for silent running" (I love old B/W war submarine movies) or a deep stealth work mode.  I've been conducting lots of data analysis and writing a manuscript--an invited response to a special journal issue on the Flynn Effect.  It has consumed me.  I've also needed to maintain progress on my regular paying jobs..heck....the blogging I do does not pay any bills.  I'm overbooked.  Also, the analysis I've completed have me jazzed....and they should help psychologists and consumers of psychological reports better understand what is measured by the Wechsler "gold standard" IQ test.  Hint----"gold" may be to high an honor.  I'm anxious to share what I've been finding as I've reanalyzed a number of classic/historical and contemporary intelligence test data sets.  So much little time.

But, as Douglas MacArthur once said....I SHALL RETURN!!!.  Be patient.  I've got lots of got FYIs, special briefs, cases to post, etc. in my real inbox and my mental idea inbox.