Monday, February 15, 2010

Fwd: GoStats: weekly stats

FYI. Excellent progress on ICDP blog visibility last week. Clearly a group effort. I am deep into my FE response paper but hope to do some more posting soon

Kevin McGrew PhD
Educational/School Psych. 

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From: GoStats Support <>
Date: February 15, 2010 10:03:13 AM CST
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Subject: GoStats: weekly stats

Hello, Kevin McGrew.

Site: "Intellectual Competence & Death Penalty" [ ]

Total counter state:

   Hits:         19976
   Hosts:        6487
   Visitors:     10493
   Sessions:     12222

From the beginning of the month:

   Hits:         2162
   Hosts:        914
   Visitors:     1180
   Sessions:     1404
   New Visitors: 925

Last week:

   Hits:         1493
   Hosts:        739
   Visitors:     874
   Sessions:     971
   New Visitors: 647

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