Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dufour v Florida oral arguments live (webcast) April 7, 2010 - mark your calendar

I just learned that the oral arguments (before the Florida Supreme Court) in the case Dufour v Florida (click here, here and here for prior ICDP blog comments regarding this case---a case involving a number of issues--particularly the bright-line IQ=70 cutoff and no recognition of SEM for IQ scores) are scheduled for April 7, 2010. This oral argument, as is the case with all oral arguments before the Florida Supreme Court, can be viewed live via webcasts. They then are subsequently archived and can be viewed at a later time.

Click here for access to the oral arguments section of the Florida Supreme Court webpage.  Click here to access this the specific argument was passed webpage.

This is a unique opportunity to be the mouse in the corner to hear and see the oral arguments and to get the real flavor for the issues, attitudes of the court, etc. 

I don't know the time it will be starting but will attempt to find out as the date draws near.  Put this on your calendar now.

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