Sunday, April 17, 2011

FYiPOST: Important new book urges "more prudent use of habeas in state criminal cases"


This is an FYIPOST to a post at Sentencing Law and Policy blog.

I am pleased to be able to blog about an important new book that arrived in the mail this week and that today has the showcase of the New York Times op-ed page.  The book, shown here, is titled "Habeas for the 21st Century: Uses, Abuses and the Future of the Great Writ" and is authored by Professors Joseph Hoffmann and Nancy King.  The book now has this supportive website and this new blog on habeas developments, and today's New York Times includes this op-ed from the authors headlined "Justice, Too Much and Too Expensive." The start of the op-ed effectively summarizes some of the key themes and proposals in the book:

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