Friday, March 11, 2011

FYiPOST: Psychology, Public Policy, and Law - Volume 17, Issue 1

A meta-analytic review of competency to stand trial research.
Page 1-53
Pirelli, Gianni; Gottdiener, William H.; Zapf, Patricia A.

Discrimination in the 21st century: Are science and the law aligned?
Page 54-75
King, Eden B.; Dunleavy, Dana G.; Dunleavy, Eric M.; Jaffer, Salman; Morgan, Whitney Botsford; Elder, Katie; Graebner, Raluca

Experts' and novices' abilities to detect children's high-stakes lies of omission.
Page 76-98
Nysse-Carris, Kari L.; Bottoms, Bette L.; Salerno, Jessica M.

Seventy-two tests of the sequential lineup superiority effect: A meta-analysis and policy discussion.
Page 99-139
Steblay, Nancy K.; Dysart, Jennifer E.; Wells, Gary L.

The role of eyewitness identification evidence in felony case dispositions.
Page 140-159
Flowe, Heather D.; Mehta, Amrita; Ebbesen, Ebbe B.