Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Atkins MR/ID death penalty case a "notable petition" before SCOTUS. Hall v Thaler

Interesting potential SCOTUS development as reported at the SCOUTUS BLOGHall v Thaler (previously listed here at ICDP as Hall v Quartermann;  has now been updated to be Hall v Thaler under the Court Decisions section to reflect recent developments) is reported to be a "notable petition"----which, according to the site, "indicates it is a case scheduled for consideration by the Justices."

The listing is under the notable petitions section of the SCOTUS blog, and includes links to filed background documents (5th Circuit opinion; Petition for certiorariAmicus brief of Texas State Senator Rodney Ellis et al; and Amicus brief of AAIDD and ARC.  The case is docket number 10-37.  I've only had time to skim a few pages but this Texas case appears to have the potential to raise a number of critical Atkin's issues---and provide SCOTUS with the chance to address some of the mess left post-Atkins.

Will monitor as close as possible.  Would appreciate others sending me FYI's as they learn and hear more.

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