Saturday, May 1, 2010

Catch-22 deadly update: Obama clemency for Webster MR/ID case?

This post from Dr. Cecil Reynolds just came across the NASP list in response to the ICDP Catch-22 Atkins DP post regarding Webster.  Talk of Obama Clemency for Webster.

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A comment from Mike Charlton, who was Webster’s atty, and who is a very good death penalty atty just in general, and sent with his permission.


Cecil R. Reynolds, PhD


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Texas A&M University


From: mike charlton []
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To: Cecil R. Reynolds; Philip Wischkaemper
Cc: JOHN E. WRIGHT; John Niland
Subject: Re: FW: [NASP-Listserv] Deadly Catch-22 in Atkins MR/ID decision 2 days ago

actually bruce webster was my client for a while.  gary taylor and phil wischkaemper did his federal writ (bruce is on federal death row) and when gary left, I came in with phil.  after we lost in the 5th and scotus on a straight up Atkins issue, (which was very well tried - Denis Keyes was the defense expert), Dorsey and Whitney took over and they found the new evidence.

I think given Weiner's concurrence, that this case actually has a chance at Obama clemency.  Weiner makes it clear that  but for a defect in the statute, bruce would not be executed.

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